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Spring League Registration


Each of our leagues, anyone can register as an individual or as a team. All of them are 18 years old and up because we have a High School team! Each league is 7 weeks long with optional Tournaments for $5/person. 

We have 3 leagues starting the week of April 12th on the grass at a park in Grand Rapids. A month later, we have a beach league starting on Thursday April 14th. The beach league will be at Millenium Park! 

Our leagues are filled with brand new players, professional players, and everything in between. Each session includes some teaching component to keep bringing up the level of play just a little bit. 

Play Ultimate Frisbee with us. 

We eat, sleep, and breath Ultimate Frisbee. It's not just the best sport in the world. It's a community. It's the best fitness program you could ever subscribe to.  

If you join one of our leagues we promise we will work so hard to make sure you feel welcome, included, and pushed to be a better player. No matter your skill level, there is a place for you. 

Monday Men's Spring League

April 12-May 24
7 Mondays 6-8pm @ Park in Grand Rapids

League Director: Zaags, Club Director

This league is set up for any and all skill levels. If you look at your team it will be made up of brand new players, experienced players, and maybe even some professional players.


We work hard to be inclusive and welcoming. One of the ways we do that is through a short learning component at the beginning of each week...then just play. Didn't get it all? That's ok! Bit by bit. With the goal of having FUN above all else. 

Zaags is the league director. He has been playing Ultimate for 14 years, coached dozens of Ultimate Frisbee teams, played in college, professionally, and has taught thousands of players how to throw a disc.  

Wednesday Co-ed Spring League

April 12-May 24
7 Mondays 6-8pm @ Park in Grand Rapids

League Directors: Zahra and Zaags

One of our favorite leagues is the CO-ED league! Maybe the best part about Ultimate is that it can be played co-ed. Our Wednesday league is great because it brings everyone together!

Zahra and Zaags team up to run this league to make sure it's excellent for everyone. 

If you have never played co-ed Ultimate Frisbee, we can understand if it seems daunting. We will work so hard to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and ready to have fun! 



  • Individual Registration

    • $75/player

    • $125/player for 2 leagues

  • Team Registration

    • $600/team up to 10 players.

      • $50/additional after 10 players​

    • Free shirt for everyone! ​

  • Add-On​​​

    • $5/player for one tournament ($20 value)

    • League T-shirt, $15 (optional)

    • League Jersey, $35 (optional)

    • Shorts, $35 (optional)

    • Disc, $10 (optional)

  • Discounts

    • $15 discount (total) if another family member signs up

    • $275 per season max per family (including our 4-8th Grade and High School leagues)

Monday Women's Spring League

April 12-May 24
7 Mondays 6-8pm @ Park in Grand Rapids

League Director: Zahra, Assistant Club Director

A league for Women. By Women. Zahra is the league director! She will work so hard to make sure it's an inclusive exciting experience for everyone.

No matter how much Ultimate you have played - this is a league for you. Each session, there will be a short learning component - catered to how much experience you have. THEN, just play. 

Zahra is the league director. She has been playing for over 10 years in the Dominican Republic and in Grand Rapids! Zahra has coached over 20 teams and run several leagues. Her positivity is contagious and will make sure you have a great time every week. 

Thursday Co-ed Beach Late Spring League

May 13-July 1
7 Thursdays 6-8pm @ Millenium Park in GR

League Directors: Zahra and Zaags

Beach Ultimate is so fun! A month after the rest of the leagues start...Co-ed Beach Ultimate begins! 

Since it’s a lot more effort to run on sand, beach Ultimate is on a much smaller field and played 5v5. Other than that, the only rule change...everyone is barefoot. Oh, and there is water right next to us we can dive into in between games and every Callahan. 

Co-ed Beach Ultimate right in Grand Rapids at Millenium Park. 

What to expect: Show up at 5:45pm. Meet a bunch of future friends who want to play Ultimate Frisbee! No experience required. We will teach you! Each week we will discuss some aspect of the game and then just play.

If you have never played - we have spent the last 7 years as a club learning how to integrate new players quickly! We work so hard to make sure everyone has a great experience. "I don't know how to play" "I can't throw a frisbee" Well, we are glad you asked! We will teach you :)

Can't make it a week? That's ok! Join us anyways. We expect everyone (sadly) to miss a week


Zahra, Assistant Club Director

Zaags, Club Director

Upcoming Leagues

Monday Men's Spring League

April 12 - May 24

7 Mondays 6-8pm in Grand Rapids.

Monday Women's Spring League

April 12 - May 24

7 Mondays 6-8pm in Grand Rapids.

Wednesday Co-ed Spring League

April 14 - May 26

7 Wednesdays 6-8pm in Grand Rapids.

Thursday Co-ed Late Spring Beach League

May 13 - July 1

7 Thursdays 6-8pm @ Millenium Park in Grand Rapids.

And a lake to jump in whenever you need to cool off :) 

Summer Leagues

July 19 - August 25

Fall Leagues

September 13 - October 27


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