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Men's Leagues

We believe Ultimate is the best sport in the world. ALL experience levels are welcome. We fully expect to have never played the game before and some to have many years experience. We offer Women's leagues and Men's leagues. 

Looking for women's league? Click here

Looking for options for a 9-19 year olds? Click here 

We play YEAR ROUND. Join us for any (or all) of them!


Mondays @ in Grand Rapids. 6-8pm

$60 includes shirt + 8 weeks of Ultimate + 2 tournaments. 

Ultimate Frisbee is SO fun. Whether you are just looking to make friends, get some good exercise, or learn something new - this is the league for you! In Grand Rapids, there are 4th-8th grade leagues, high school teams, adult teams, pro games, and...men's leagues and women's leagues.

Note, the women's league plays at the same time and place, but fields are next to each other!

What to expect: Show up at 6pm. Meet a bunch of future friends who want to play Ultimate Frisbee! No experience required. We will teach you! Each week will include a short "clinic" at the beginning that will focus on a different aspect of the game. 

We are all about having fun, playing Ultimate, and then going out for food, a drink (alcoholic or otherwise). No pressure to join. We understand some have things to get to directly afterwards. 

Can't make it a week? Can't make it to a tournament? That's ok! Join us anyways. We expect (sadly) everyone to miss a week or two. 

What if I'm not sure which league to register for? Sign up and we will figure it out! Get excited to have a ton of fun!


  • 1st week is FREE Drop-in + First week of league

  • One or Two of our Mondays will be replaced with games vs. Local college teams

  • 2 Tournaments, exact date TBD


  • League T-shirt (free) OR League Jersey $30

  • Shorts, $35 (optional)

  • Disc, $10 (optional)

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