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Zig Zag Ultimate Foundation

Give the gift of Ultimate! Each season we have dozens of players eager to play who apply for a need-based scholarship.

Begin Your Parctice

While we do have several players asking for scholarships, we also have 3 low-income schools (70%+ on free or reduced lunch) on our waitlist requesting to have teams this spring! Last year one of these schools had 50 kids participate in the Spring Season!


Self-refereed Ultimate Frisbee brings out the best in people. Help us fulfil our mission and keep the sport accessible to anyone who wants to play. In 2018, we taught over 10,000 kids and 150 administrators/teachers how to play the sport. We had over 300 9-19 year olds participate in at least one season, however, half played on full or partial scholarship. 


This winter season, we had to turn down players (for the first time in our 6 year history) because we do not have any funds set aside for scholarship left.  Hence, why we are doing this. 


We ask you to set up a recurring donation so that we are able to impact our youth for seasons to come. We play year round, however, we do not expect our kids to play year round. We have 6 distinct 2 month-seasons that gives us the greatest chance at exposing the sport to as many kids as we can. 


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