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Homeschool Ultimate Club
4-8th Co-ed Team 


The Homeschool ULTIMATE CLUB exists to provide high level Ultimate Frisbee for anyone 4th-8th grade and High School. Anyone may play on any time - this team is specifically designed for homeschoolers. 

For ANY skill level. No experience required. 

Ultimate is so much more than a sport. It's a community. Ultimate takes the best parts of other sports and make something even better. Give Ultimate a chance. It's worth it.


Anyone, boys and girls! We expect most to have never played before - maybe not even know the rules. Or how to throw a disc. As you keep coming you learn the game and how to throw. We work so hard to be welcoming and inclusive. 


We play in the Zig Zag Ultimate league with some school teams and some club teams. So, we might play West Side Christian, then Grandville Middle School, then Forest Hills Ultimate Frisbee Club. 


Zaags, is the club director. He has 15 years playing and coaching experience. This team will be coached from a Christian perspective. Each practice we will read through the book "Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success." Buy it cheap here

Zig Zag Ultimate was started in 2012 and now has 400+ youth playing every year with teams all around West Michigan. ZZU offers leagues for: 4-8th Grade, High School, Adult, College Teams, and a partnered with the Grand Rapids Pro team. 

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  • 1x a week practices

    • Wednesdays 12:30-2:15pm (Arrive at 12:15pm)
      • @ Caledonia Lakeside Park 370 N Lake St SE, Caledonia, MI 49316​
    • You may attend any additional practice with another team if you want! Just a fun bonus option. Check out the team schedules. 


  • Friday's 5:30pm @ Rotating location vs. local teams


  • Mike "Zaags" Zaagman, 15 years experience in Grand Rapids as well as 4 years playing at Calvin College and also with the Detroit Mechanix Pro Ultimate Frisbee team


  • Jersey $35

  • Shorts, $35 (optional)

  • Cleats are required (soccer, lacrosse, or football)

    • We have several donated cleats! There is a chance we have your size. ​

  • Disc, $10 (optional)

Player Checklist

❑ Cleats

❑ Disc

❑ Download TeamSnap App on your phone (free) also can view on your computer

❑ Add in extra phone #’s + emails to your account so other can receive updates and download the app

❑ Bought the book

❑ Invited everyone you know 4-8th Grade and High School


  • $100/player

  • Discounts / Scholarships

    • Apply for the "Every Kid Sports" scholarship.

      • An outside organization which pays youth sports registration fees for kids from qualifying income-restricted families. 

      • ​​Families can apply four times a year, per child, to ensure year-round participation.

      • Funds are deposited to a card for private provided a pre-loaded “smart” debit card.

      • Anyone with supporting documents for SNAP, Medicaid, and/or WIC, qualify.​

      • link

    • $25 discount (total) if another family member signs up


    • Pay what you can rates available through the Zig Zag Ultimate Foundation. We are working tirelessly to secure donors and sponsors to make Ultimate a reality for anyone who wants to play.

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  • "This is the first sport my son actually enjoys. We wouldn't let him play football after he got injured."

  • "I like it because my 4th grade son, 7th grade daughter, and 8th grade son can all play at the same time. ONE car trip!"

  • "I was hesitant about the fact that there are no refs, but after the first game I'm surprised at how well it works. They actually talk about disagreements to each other instead of needing a ref." 

  • "I appreciate that I don't have to worry about concussions like when he was doing football. I also love knowing my son will always get a good workout in every single practice and game." 


Everyone is welcome regardless of experience! We will teach you how to throw, catch, run, and have fun playing Ultimate.

As you progress through our club, you can play in High School, College, professionally with the Grand Rapids Pro Team, or maybe even represent Team USA! 

Questions: email or call/text 616.606.DISC

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Combining the nonstop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football, a game of Ultimate Frisbee is played two seven-player teams on a field similar to football. The object of the game is to score  points by catching a pass in the opponent’s end zone. A player must stop running while in possession of the disc, but may pivot and pass to any of the other receivers on the field. 

Just like basketball, Ultimate Frisbee is a transition game in which players move quickly from offense to defense on  turnovers that occur with a dropped pass, an interception, a pass out of bounds, or when a player is caught holding  the disc for more than ten seconds. Although, Ultimate Frisbee resembles many traditional sports in its basic athletic  requirements, the rules are simpler, which allows the game to be self officiated. The concept of Spirit of the Game is integrated in to the basic philosophy of the sport, it is written in to the rules and is practiced at all levels of the games from local leagues to the World games. 

Several local colleges have teams including GVSU, MSU, Cornerstone, Ferris State, and Calvin College. One day, some of our players may play professionally for the Detroit Mechanix or even for Team USA! 

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