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Adult Ultimate Leagues

Join our Indoor Ultimate Frisbee league! 


It get's real cold let's play Ultimate Frisbee indoors! The price looks high - but know that we run this league at a breakeven. If we get filled up - we break even! Woot. The league is limited to 24 people total.

We eat, sleep, and breath Ultimate Frisbee. It's not just the best sport in the world. It's a community. It's the best fitness program you could ever subscribe to.  

If you join one of our leagues we promise we will work so hard to make sure you feel welcome, included, and pushed to be a better player. No matter your skill level, there is a place for you. 

Format of the league is 6v6. So, with 24 people that makes 12 people per team. 

WHERE: Woodland Sports Complex 2100 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508

WHEN: Arrive 5:45pm. Play until 8pm! 11 Sessions.

  • 7 Mondays Nov 8-Dec 20

  • 4 Wednesdays Nov 10-Dec 1.

COST: $165/person

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What to expect: Show up at 5:45pm. Meet a bunch of future friends who want to play Ultimate Frisbee! No experience required. We will teach you! Each week we will discuss some aspect of the game and then just play.

If you have never played - we have spent the last 7 years as a club learning how to integrate new players quickly! We work so hard to make sure everyone has a great experience. "I don't know how to play" "I can't throw a frisbee" Well, we are glad you asked! We will teach you :)

Can't make it a week? That's ok! Join us anyways. We expect everyone (sadly) to miss a week

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Zahra, Assistant Club Director

Zaags, Club Director

Upcoming Leagues

Thursday Co-ed Beach League

Starts May 27

7 Thursdays 6-8pm

Summer Leagues

Starts June 28

8 Mondays 6-8pm in Grand Rapids

Fall Leagues

Starts Septeber 13

7 Mondays 6-8pm in Grand Rapids.

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