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 "Phased Reopening" Plan


What to expect for our Phased reopening:


Communication will be regular, but also need to adapt to any changes that arise. We will expect everyone to be diligent checking text messages and emails. Over communication during this time is better.

Each player must have Ultimate Frisbee gloves and their own water bottle. We suggest bringing a large water bottle or several small water bottlers. If you anticipate this being an issue, contact us!

Each athlete will be required to wear Ultimate Frisbee gloves at all times. Some players wear them all the time when they play anyways!

  • IF you don’t have them...Read this Resource

    • Buy from us, $25

      • We have 20 brand new Friction Gloves

    • Or buy online (suggestions in the link above)​


NOTE, we will always have extra bottled water just in case you "forgot it on the counter." We will do our best to have extra gloves - however - you would need to purchase them as we will not share these.

We will respect boundaries set in place by our local health officials and monitor them as updates arise. 

Risk and Individual Choice

We are far from experts in the area so we are relying on the CDC and what other experts are communicating. We are not choosing zero risk - that would be staying home. Participating in our season will be an increase in baseline risk. 

Each person will need to decide on an individual basis whether that slight increase in risk is one they can afford to take. The risk of catching coronavirus will be especially relevant for immunocompromised individuals. Or for those who may have more contact with immunocompromised individuals.

It is important to understand that if you HAVE symptoms to stay at home. 

What's NOT new about risk

In some ways acceptance of risk at an ultimate game is not totally new. Individual playing sports are always at risk of injury for example. Some players choose to work harder than others at injury risk reduction. But every player still has a risk of injury.

Sometimes luck plays a role as well as precaution in who gets injured and who does not. In many ways risk acceptance with regard to catching the coronavirus is similar. We are not aiming to scare folks off by talking about this risk; rather we are bringing the risk to the surface.

What's different about THIS risk

Virus related risk is not just about individual risk and choice. It is also about public health. We will work to be advised by local government policy.

Questions / More Info

If you would like more info - or as any questions arrive, please contact us! or call 616.606.DISC

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