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Premiere Youth Disc Golf Club in Grand Rapids.


Excellent Coaching. All skill levels welcome. Tons of Fun.

We train as a team. Compete in Team and Individual Competitions.


Summer Disc Golf Season:
June 28-Aug 15


We are an Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf Club!  DG  plays Fall + Summer + Spring! We are always welcoming new players.

We have had over 140 players play with us. We hope you are one of them. 

Practices Tuesdays and Thursdays​, 6-7:30pm

  • Tue @ Garfield Park in Grand Rapids

  • Thurs @ Grace Christian University in Grand Rapids


  • July 18th @ Jaycee Park @ GRYDGC Junior Open

  • August 15th @ Old Farm Park @ GRYDGC Junior Old Farm Classic

Training Session expectations: 

  • Our training sessions will be structured, fun, engaging, and with a focus on just playing. However, we never want to lose our passion for the game for the sake of another drill. 

  • We train with a seasonal perspective instead of an individual practice. Trust in your coaches to develop a plan to bring you to the next level in your game. 

Season expectations:

  • This Fall there will be two tournaments: May 8th and May 29th!

Player expectations:

  • Experience/skill level:

    • You don't need to have any experience, but it's great if you do. We train together in group settings to help everyone improve together, but also allow time for individual training within the larger group. 

    • Come great - or we will help get you better! 

  • Attitude:​

    • Disc Golf is fun. We aim to help get you your first hole in one and a smile that is contagious. Our coaches will bring enough enthusiasm to fill up the entire course. Hope you can bring yours as well. 

Parent expectations:

  • Supportive:

    • We are looking for one parent coach for each team. This is not a requirement, but could be a great value add for you and your child. Some teams may not have one and that's just fine. 

    • Be someone who brings snacks! We will ask parents to occasionally bring some food. Arguably, the most pivotal role on the team. 

  • Learn the sport:​

    • We encourage you to learn how to play the sport. It's so much more than just throwing it far - but if that's all you can do - that's great! Humble yourself and get trained up by your child and improve your game too. ​

Coaching staff:

  • Quality

    • Our coaches are trained up, passionate, and ready to help you have the most fun becoming the best version of your Disc Golfing self. We all have a passion BOTH for Disc Golf as well as coaching Youth. Let us prove it to you! 


Next Steps:

  • Register Tuesdays, Thursdays, or both! 

  • Once you get your email confirmation...​

    • Get excited

    • Invite a friend to join


  • Jerseys are optional! But we think they are pretty cool. 


  • $75/person

  • $10/Tournament (discounted from $25)

  • $25/jersey (we will use the same jersey for all of 2020 and 2021). 

Email or call 616.606.DISC

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