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Professional Sports Team, Detroit Mechanix, Moves To Grand Rapids Joining a Bustling Youth Scene

It’s actually happening. Professional Ultimate Frisbee team, The Detroit Mechanix is making the move to Grand Rapids. One of the original 6 teams to enter the American Ultimate Disc League in 2012, the team is moving 2 hours west and partnering with Zig Zag Ultimate and our growing youth scene.

Mechanix game at Grand Rapids Christian High School

We believe the move is a natural progression for our club. It only makes sense to have a pro team here since we have so many youth teams and adult leagues.

Pro Ultimate League in North America

The Mechanix are part of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). There are 21 teams across the United States and Canada. They play in the Central division along with teams from Chicago, Madison, Indianapolis, and Minnesota. After a 12 game season (with an all-star game in the middle) the top teams compete in a traditional playoff format to determine the league champion.

Wait, so Ultimate is a real sport? Yes.

The 60,000 fans at an NFL games between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears game on December 29 may have asked the same question. AUDL teams, Madison Radicals and Minnesota Wind Chill put on an exhibition at halftime of the game. Each of them got to see a sweet layout catch! The AUDL is working hard to raise awareness of the sport too.

Minnesota Wind Chil vs. Madison Radicals halftime exhibition

In addition to Zig Zag Ultimate's 10 coaches, Club Directors Zahra and Zaags work tirelessly to put the sport on display. Each semester ZZU takes over the PE classes of 50+ schools. For example, in a day we can teach/show the sport over 300 students at Holland Christian High School. If you are trying to do that math - that's nearly school a day for a month for 2 people. It's so worth it.

Ultimate has so many amazing benefits. We believe it’s the perfect alternative to collision sports - and sports in general. The sport promotes integrity as players don’t intentionally foul, safety as players are to avoid contact, equity as the sport is co-ed, and...oh goodness...This sounds like another blog post we wrote.

While most have heard of the sport not everyone knows its potential as a competitive sport. Pro Ultimate in Grand Rapids only helps make the sport more visible. Zig Zag Ultimate boasts 10 middle school teams, 4 high school teams, runs the West Michigan College League, adults leagues, tournaments, and more. The most recent additions are:

AnchorPoint Christian Middle School, coached by Ed Harris

Livining Stones Academy, coached by Dave Wainer

East Grand Rapids High School, coached by Mark Worsfold

Kalamazoo College, an already existing team joining the West Michigan College league

Join the Pro Team or watch them soar.

The Mechanix’s tryouts take place January 10 with the season beginning in April. The 6 home games will be played in a high school football stadium to be determined. Tryouts and Tickets on sale at

Get yourself in the game

Zig Zag Ultimate’s next 4th-8th grade season and high school season begins January 10th with the Spring outdoor season starting after Spring Break. Adult leagues and corporate leagues run nearly year round as well.

No experience required. Get out and play!

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