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Zig Zag Ultimate Fall
6-8th Grade Travel Team

The purpose of this team is to create a more competitive environment for players who wish to travel and compete against players from around the Midwest. While we firmly believe we can achieve great competition with our local teams, this team is an additional fun option for the Fall Season! 


This is a tryout team, meaning we will take a limited number of players. We encourage all players to tryout regardless of your “perceived” skill level. Bring your A game and let the coaches decide. 

We have a long season to help you improve on your weaknesses and hone in on your strengths. 


Above all else, this will be so much fun. 


This team is in addition to your “local” team. Still attend your team’s practice throughout the week and play games with them on Friday’s. Those teams are open to everyone, no cuts. This travel team is for the person who wants to take their game to the next level. 


  • About 1 practice, game, or tournament per week from March 27 to June 24 with breaks built in. 

  • $145/player + Split the cost of dues for Tournaments (estimated $30/player per tournament)

  • Payment required upon getting accepted to the team, not before tryouts

Schedule: March 27 to June 24

  • Tryout for the 6-8th Grade Travel team:

    • $145 to join the team + $35 per tournament

    • 2 tryouts + 1 backup tryout, 9 practices, 2 tournaments, 2-3 other events

    • Practices Mondays 5:30-7:30pm starting 4/17

      • Skip 5/29 (Memorial day) and 6/5

    • Tryout dates:

      • 3/27  5:30-7:30pm @ Cutler Park 

      • 4/14 5:30-7:30pm @ MacKay Jaycee Park 

      • 4/17 5:30-7:30pm @ MacKay Jaycee Park 

    • Events

      • "Neuqua Knockout" Tournament April 22 in Chicago @ Stuart Sports Complex in Montgomery, Illinois

      • "Sandblast" Beach Tournament June 24 in Chicago @ Montrose Beach

      • End of season party, date TBD

      • Game vs. High School underclassman + other games. Ideally on Mondays!

  • Cutler Park 6701 Cutler Park Dr SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548

  • MacKay Jaycee Park 2531 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507

  • ​Neuqua Knockout" Tournament @ Stuart Sports Complex

    • 39W643 Jericho Rd, Montgomery, IL 60538

  • "Sandblast" Beach Tournament @ Montrose Beach

    • 4400 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60640

How many players are we planning on taking?

We will take 15 players. If there is a large influx and we have to 30 qualified athletes, we would consider 2 teams.  This is a hypothetical that is getting more realistic as Zig Zag Ultimate grows.

What if I am new? I don’t know if I’m good enough!

Please still consider trying out. Our coaches would love to coach up the enthusiastic. Can you play defense? Can you run a disc down? Great. Throwing a disc will come with time. 

How far I take this - as a player? 

We are consistently working to give competitive opportunities for those who want it.  The travel team is a good stepping stone for anyone who wants to play on the High School Travel Team.

How do the tournament work? 

  • The teams come in from all around the Midwest! Illinois is a great central location to a lot of "hot beds" of Ultimate Frisbee.  Athlete's are expected to get their own way to the tournaments. Our team manager will help coordinate rides if needed. 
    We will play 4-5 games in a row (woah) so that means we need to bring a large team. 
    There is swag to buy at these tournaments, but not necessary! It's always fun to buy a disc or a jersey from a tournament. 
    Attending these tournaments exposes you to a wide range of athletes, pushes you athletically, and it is so much fun! 

  • Neuqua Knockout Tournament: teams from all over Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota

  • "Sandblast" Beach Tournament

    • Major tournament with teams from Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin! 

    • Saturday June 24 9:00am-5:00pm ​​ @ Montrose Beach in Chicago, Illinois

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